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Reported by Jason Miles

School shooting results in plea to Memphis parents

Monday night's meeting of the Memphis school board began on a somber note.

"A moment of silence for the young man who was injured at Mitchell High School today," said MCS Commissioner Martavius Jones.

The second school shooting in was many Mondays is almost too much for some.

"And I actually take it personally," MCS Commissioner Patrice Robinson told us.

Robinson added that it's time for parents to step-up too, by making sure kids are not leaving home with more than pencils and paper.

"They actually need to pat these children down and check their backpacks," said Robsinson. 

"Especially the older children," she added.  "Because some of them, not all of them, are not making the right choices," said Robinson.

"We have to start at the root," said teacher Loretta Rucker.

Rucker has taught in city schools for a decade.

"I believe parents need to be held accountable," she said.

She believes teaching non-violence begins at an early age.   

"My great-grandmother had an old saying that I didn't understand as a child, which is the first 5 years of a child's life will follow him to his grave," said Rucker.

Those sentiments are shared by Interim Superintendent Dan Ward.  In a letter sent out late Monday, he writes "we will win or lose this fight as a total community."

"It does take a village, an entire village, to raise a child," said Rucker.

"Children don't get guns at school, that's not where they come from," said Robinson.  "They're coming from our community," she added.

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