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Reported by Janice Broach

Cell phone video captures recent fight at Central High

Images captured by a student's cell phone recently at Central High School, obtained by Action News 5, show a large fight in the school's parking lot.

According to the student who recorded the fight, it began when several girls drove up in a car, jumped out, and started to brawl.

The video shows several girls screaming and throwing punches.   As one girl lays on the ground, other girls run up and join the fight, throwing more punches.

Finally, a man enters the video and appears to be trying to break it up.  However, the fight continues, as several males join in.

Monday, Action News 5 showed the video to Yvonne Acey, President of the Memphis Education Association.

"This is the first time I've seen that," Acey said. "These students seem to be over reacting and out of control."

The fight lasted several minutes before school personnel finally enter the picture and appear to break it up.

Acey said schools cannot be held totally responsible for the behavior of students.

"This disruptive behavior does not generate from the school," she said.  "It's part of the culture and environment."

There's no word on any disciplinary action that was leveled against the students.

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