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Reported by Lori Brown

Residents work on putting things together one week after storms

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - One week after Vivian Calein's neighborhood turned into a disaster zone, she still can't live in her home.
"It's been hard because my lights are still out," Calein said Tuesday.
Calein is still waiting for a code inspector to inspect her house and give MLGW the okay to turn her power back on.

Last Tuesday's tornado ripped off parts of her roof, destroyed her back yard, and crashed her car's windows, Calein said one week later, she's not discouraged.

"I'm thankful I have my life, and I thank God everyone is safe," Calein said.

Just down the street, Tracy Brown-Seitz's power was on but she was not sure it should be.  The tornado pulled her fan away from the ceiling.

"Roof damaged, windows blown out, walls cracked, cabinets coming loose from the walls. You name it, we got it," she said.

Once the storm passed, the work began.

"(It's) my worst nightmare- not knowing what to do next...who to contact. I've never been in a disaster before," she said.
Brown-Seitz said she feels better about the damage now than she did a week ago, because a lot of people have come by her side to help her and her family get through one of the worst weeks of their lives.

"The Red Cross (and) federal agencies have been wonderful to us. Food, blankets, whatever we needed...they've been here," she said.

Even with a banged up car and a torn and tattered house, Brown-Seitz said she is thankful.

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