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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Hateful anti-Cohen flier being circulated

The flyer says "Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and the Jews hate Jesus."

Congressman Cohen got the flyer in the mail, and it's being circulated around the community.

The flyer calls for "Memphis Christians to unite and support one Black Christian to represent Memphis" in Congress.

Reached for comment Tuesday, Cohen said the flyer was a direct insult to African American Voters.

"There are some people that are out of step, and they think that African Americans are going to vote on race rather than issues and that is disdainful," he said.

Text at the bottom of the flyer reads "by Rev. George Brooks" of Murfreesboro, which is outside the 9th Congressional District.  But the letter was postmarked in Nashville.

When Action News 5 called Reverend Brooks for comment, the person who answered the phone said he would be in meetings all day.

Nikki Tinker, the only candidate who has announced she's running against Cohen, said she had no knowledge of the flyer.

"I would not stand for any attacks on the Jewish faith or any other faith for that matter and I just want to make sure everybody knows that Nikki Tinker doesn't play those types of politics," she said.

Last September, Mid-South ministers heckled Cohen about his ability to represent a majority African American district.  He said these actions are out of step with history.

"There always has been a connection between Jews and Black people because there's been an understanding of what prejudice is about, and to have Black folks express prejudice against Jewish people, I guess anybody is wrong, but Jewish people have always been hand-in-hand with African Americans in the fight for civil rights," Cohen said.

Both Cohen and Tinker said they would rather talk about the issues than division.

The flyer is not considered a hate crime because no one made a threat, however, Anti-Defamation League did receive a complaint about it.

They said this is anti-Semitic and they are calling for the community to condemn "the politics of hate and fear."

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