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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Rescuers recall recovery following tornado

In the moments after tornadoes tore through DSC logistics warehouse, rescuers spread out on a pile of rubble looking for those trapped under huge slabs of concrete.

"We estimated each one of those slabs to weigh about 36-thousand pounds," Deputy Chief Don Kuhm said.

Don Kuhm directed rescue operations encompassing 50 people most Memphis firefighters.
"We had secondary storms on the way we had to stabilize these things in case there was a secondary collapse because there was still part of this building that was still standing," Kuhm said.

Rescue crews had to work carefully and precisely relying on their hours of training to remove tons of rubble and rescue people trapped inside. But training can only take you so far that's when compassion and love for the fellow man take over.

Crews ended up saving many lives that night. People trapped under tons of rubble. A major accomplishment. But with the highs come the lows.
"It's that roller coaster. You're up in that moment then you see that the person behind them is deceased then it brings you back to that low," Lt. Tony Redwine of the Memphis Fire Department said.   

A dangerous and difficult job. One that saved lives that could have easily been lost.

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