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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Alta Vista


A Frayser couple said they are fed up with burglars, trespassers, and pot heads.

They are uniting with neighbors and connecting with police thanks to a new web link.
 Repairing a fence might be a key to blocking burglars from Alta Vista Street:

Robert and Martha Jackson showed police Lt. Mike Embrey the spot a few doors from their home where they say trespassers created their own short cut.
"Because the fence is down, it just makes it easy for them," Martha Jackson said.

The mangled fence and another deliberately damaged one are all that separates the Jacksons well-kept Alta Vista Street from the disaster zone known as the Overton Manor Town Homes. A few last gaspers live in the mostly abandoned complex. Gangs have left their mark emphatically. All but a few units are smashed to bits.   
"We're having break-ins and we think a lot of that is part of it. Those town houses are crime haven. It's an easy way for someone to come in from the back side of the properties and go back out with no one seeing anything," Martha Jackson said.

In a recent thirty day period there were six burglaries within a half mile radius of Ms. Jackson's address, including on here on Alta Vista and there were nineteen burglaries within a one mile radius.

Besides locking up and arming the burglar alarm, the Jacksons are signing up for Cyber-Watch at the Memphis Police website.

It will send daily e-mails about criminal activity in the neighborhood, and give the Jacksons a new means of expressing concerns like that nearby shortcut:

"That's something we or the detectives might not know. You can e-mail that to us in your  Cyberwatch account and then we can instantly check on it," Lt. Mike Embry of the Memphis Police Department said. 

The Jacksons also intend to establish a neighborhood watch in the community where they've devoted 28 years of their lives.

The couple paid off their home 11 years ago. They are convinced it is not too late to reach out to other concerned community members and fight for Alta Vista.
"Moving, I don't feel is the answer because you cannot out run crime. It's everywhere. So we've got to take the time and take the effort to turn this entire city around," Martha Jackson said. 
"We have to build a partnership with our neighbors. We're here everyday. I spend more time here than in my neighborhood. So, this is my neighborhood. And I take it like that. I am very conscientious about what goes on over here," Embry said. 

For starters, they will work with the absentee landlord who owns the house where nearby damaged fencing may provide a cut-through for criminals.

A small fence repair may help the people of Alta Vista start Taking Back their neighborhood!

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