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Reported by Ben Watson

Disciplinary action follows altercation at Mitchell Wednesday morning

Three students have been issued police summons for disorderly conduct and at least one student has already been charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault following an altercation at Mitchell Wednesday morning.
"It was three young men...three young boys that were beaten by a gang of boys," parent Marshell Jones said.

Parents and students described an altercation in the hallway.

Tracey Tate said her three nephews were the students jumped.
She said the fight started because one of her nephews was accused of smiling too much about Monday's shooting.
"I don't know where her information is coming from or where her frustrations is coming from but that's not the case here," Mitchell principal John Ware said.

Mitchell High School officials said Wednesday morning's altercation was more of a pushing and shoving incident. Under a new zero tolerance police they called Tate and other parents to come and pick up their kids.

"But at this point we have zero tolerance for any kind of disruptive gang related kind of activity and we are just not going to tolerate it at this location. So any kind of minor incident any kind of show of gang signs we are removing you," Ware said.

Principal Ware declined to elaborate on just what kind of gang activity.

Students we talked to said their entire school is getting a bad rap for the action of a few.
"This is still the best school in America to me sir. 'Cause I can't do no good at no other school but Mitchell 'cause they are here to help us," 11th grader Cortez Cook said.   

While some parents and students told us that the fight was connected to Monday's shooting, school officials insist that it was not.

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