Monique Johnson claims abuse led her to shoot Officer Hayes - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Monique Johnson claims abuse led her to shoot Officer Hayes

Monique Johnson said she was a battered woman trapped in an abusive relationship.

"He told me I could never tell him no and if he wanted it I would have to give it to him," Johnson said.

Johnson testified in court that months into her relationship with Memphis Police Officer Tony Hayes, Hayes became obsessed and jealous. He repeatedly forced her to have sex. He also stalked her and physically abused her. 
Johnson says she tried to end he relationship numerous times.

In September of 2006 the two argued at her home.

Johnson said Hayes forced her into a closet where she kept a gun.

"I was holding the gun shaking. Asking him to leave. He said you won't shoot me. I said you're not going to let you hurt me. At that point he took a turn like he was going to leave, that's when I started shooting," Johnson said.
Johnson shot Hayes 6 times.  But while Hayes lay dead on her bathroom floor, Johnson accepted an invitation from her cousin to go to dinner. 

"I got a blanket and rolled him over and ask my son to come help me move it out of the bathroom," Johnson said.

Johnson went to dinner, went back home, and then went to the movies.

After returning home, Johnson said her son helped her put Hayes' body in the trunk of his car. They then drove the car to a Memphis apartment complex and left it there.

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