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Reported by ben Watson

Woman scammed by man offering storm assistance

There are signs of tornado damage throughout Octivia Brown's neighborhood

The tornado damage is so bad Brown and her family can not live in the home. But Brown thought her prayers were answered when a man offered to help her rent a new home for a $500 down payment.
"Well I gave him my money on the 8th, I was supposed to move in no later than Tuesday," Brown said.

But the man never showed up with the keys.

Brown told police the man identified himself as Robert Littlejohn.

Brown says Littlejohn no longer returns her calls and now thinks she's been scammed.

Today we went to the house listed as Littlejohn's address, but no one answered.

Now all Brown has left is the receipt for her $500.

The address on that receipt says 2540 Joy Lane. But on Joy Lane, the street numbers don't go up that high.

Brown said she discovered the phony address when she called MLGW to turn on utilities.

Now she is warning other tornado victims.

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