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Reported by Nick Kenney

Possible suspect questioned in grisly murder

DeSOTO COUNTY, MS (WMC-TV) - Memphis Police are questioning a person in the murder and decapitation of a woman found in DeSoto County Thursday afternoon.

Commander Mark Blackson of the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department said early Friday evening no one had yet been charged in the murder.

The mystery continued to unfold Friday under a bridge on a small, desolate riverbed, in a spot where officials believe somebody dumped the body earlier this week.

The situation was not ideal for case investigators. The body, that of an African American female, was found naked, missing its head, hands and feet.

Blackson said his department was flooded with phone calls about missing persons after news of the discovery was made public. However, no one missing in DeSoto County matches the description of the body that was found, leading investigators to continue to search anywhere and everywhere.

Without the ability to search for dental records or fingerprints, identification of the body remained difficult.

"If somebody went through the painstaking task of removing all this stuff, the chances of finding it right there in that area are probably not very well," Blackson said.

For investigators, it was just one more obstacle in a two-sided mystery under the bridge.

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