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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Jury deliberates in Hayes murder case

Jurors are deliberating whether the woman who admits she shot an officer is a cold blooded killer.

Monique Johnson faces first degree murder, but she said she killed Memphis Police Officer Tony Hayes in self defense.

Defense attorneys hope jurors will see Monique Johnson as a victim trapped in an abusive relationship with Hayes.

"And after all the things that she endured in that relationship, it ended on that day in her bathroom in her house in her room with her back against the wall and no way out where she defended herself," defense attorney Arthur Horne said.

During the 15 month relationship, Johnson claims Hayes assaulted her physically and sexually, lied about not being married and had other girlfriends on the side.  The abuse was never reported, but Johnson's attorneys say that's not unusual. 

Prosecutors pointed out that Johnson had her own outbursts of violence, keying Hayes car, stealing his phone, carving expletives into the headboard of his bed, cutting up his clothes and stealing his gun that she would eventually use to shoot him. 

"It is offensive that they use the cloak of domestic violence when the victim of the domestic violence is Tony Hayes," state prosecutor Missy Barnham said.

In order to make a charge of first degree murder stick, prosecutors must convince jurors that Johnson fully intended to kill Hayes.

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