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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Monique Johnson case shows similarities to Mary Winkler case

Monique Johnson did not appear at her murder trial in her jail issued uniform.

Instead she came to court each day wearing modest clothing. 

It is a first degree murder case that bears striking similarities to the trial of Mary Winkler, who served just a few days for killing her preacher husband by shooting him in the back with a shotgun.

Johnson's attorneys offered jurors the same domestic abuse defense. 

Like Winkler, Johnson testified that Memphis Police officer Tony Hayes forced her to perform unwanted sex acts. 

Another similarity, both women were involved with a person of power. 

Winkler was married to a well respected preacher. 

Johnson was dating a Memphis Police officer.

After the killings, neither woman called the police. 

Winkler fled with her children. Johnson used one of her children to help her hide Hayes' body.

And while both women claimed to be abused, mentally, physically and sexually, the abuse was never reported. 

Both cases hinged on the most private moments in a relationship.

Moments that's were never revealed until both murder victims were dead. 

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