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Reported by Ben Watson

Members of Mid-South church march against school violence

After weeks of witnessing the horrors of school violence in the Mid-South, members of an east Memphis church hit the streets Sunday in a march to prevent more shootings at Memphis City Schools.

The march was organized by Olivet Fellowship Baptist Church on Knight Arnold Road, by members who said they were committed to providing spiritual support and guidance in the community where their church is located.

Just before Sunday morning worship services got underway, parishioners marched from their church to Sheffield High School, located just down the street.

"We just wanted to go down to Sheffield High School and pray," Youth Minister Timothy Jackson said.

Jackson said he was praying that Sheffield would not join Manassas, Hamilton, and Mitchell as schools where a student had been shot.

"We just wanted to be proactive rather than reactive about what takes place here in our direct community," he said.

Sheffield is the church's adopted school, so Olivet Fellowship members have had a lot of contact with Sheffield's students and staff.  Throughout the year, church members attend everything from career day to athletic events at the school.

Now they hope to expand on those relationships and use faith to help students understand that guns are not the way to settle differences.

"We try to be a real presence in the schools, so that the students can see that the teachers can see us...and know that we really care about what's going on in our community," Jackson said.

Olivet Fellowship Members said the march was just the beginning, and planned to look for other ways to encourage peace at schools throughout the city and county.

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