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Reported by Nick Kenney

Memphis City Schools security team uses "in-service" day to train

Students were off for President's Day Monday, but faculty spent the day "in-service," a work day that includes Memphis City Schools Security staff.

The security team used the time for a training day at Hamilton High School.

Gang Consultant Chaplain Carl Nelson spent President's Day at Hamilton High, too.

Nelson' is acutely aware of the recent school shootings.  From Manassas, to Hamilton, to Mitchell High, where a police report specifically states the shooting was part of on-going gang activity.

"There's not enough organized activities for a lot of these kids to get involved. So if they can't get involved, they quite naturally get involved in other activities," Nelson said.

According to Nelson, traditional gangs have gotten out of hand, spawning compressed community-specific gangs that are difficult to recognize.

"For example you could say a crip would wear blue. Now they can wear black. In another neighborhood, they could wear orange so you have all these different colors now in various neighborhoods," Nelson said.

So how do you keep gangs off campus?

"Only way that's going to happen is that parents got to get involved. You can get all the metal detectors and all the police you want. But it boils right back down to the training of a child and the way they should go," Nelson said.

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