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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Man accused in officer's murder appears in court

Dexter Cox (left) in court Monday. Dexter Cox (left) in court Monday.

Dexter Cox, charged with the first-degree murder of veteran Memphis Police Lieutenant Ed Vidulich, went before a judge Monday morning, while his mother looked on.

Earlier this month, Police Director Larry Godwin described Cox as a "brutal killer" with a criminal past that began in Juvenile Court.

Monday, Cox's attorney, Claiborne Ferguson, said such publicity could warrant moving the trail out of town. He lashed out at police.

"We're asking them to stop trying to try this in front of the public and wait until we get in trial.  Try this in front of 12, not the public," Ferguson said.

Police claim the gun in Vidulich's murder was used in two other murders, but Cox has not been charged. With his client facing a first degree murder charge and possibly two other murder charges, Ferguson said he took the case pro bono, fearing Cox could face the death penalty.

"I have a moral issue against the death penalty, and this is a case where they're going to go very hard for the death penalty," Ferguson said.

Ferguson also had questions about a document leaked on the internet that appeared to be Cox's confession.

"I've never had a case where the homicide detectives just start typing up exculpatory statements just for the sheer joy of it.  So, the question comes down to why was it even created?" Ferguson said.

Cox is now in protective custody in jail for his own safety.

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