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Reported by Lori Brown

Inside FedEx

When you drop off a package at a FedEx drop box, you probably take for granted what all it takes to get it to its destination anywhere in the world while you sleep at night. But have you ever wondered how FedEx gets 3.2 million of them around the globe every night?

Getting a FedEx package from Point A to Point B all starts right here in Memphis at Global Operations Control,  FedEx's central nervous system.
It's close to midnight, and the majority of FedEx planes are headed to Memphis carrying packages from around the world.

Once on the ground...the planes are unloaded and the packages sorted.

Then it is time to reload and work some magic.

George Nigro is a problem solver. One of 185 problem solvers at FedEx Global Operations Control. The people here make sure your package is delivered when you want it to be, no matter the circumstances.

Ice storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, even volcanic eruptions sometimes threaten to slow down your package. That is why FedEx employs 15 meteorologists to watch the weather at 320 airports in 220 countries.

When they spot a threat. It is up to the GOC to find an alternate route. Even if it is by ground.

"Whenever there is a disruption in one airplane, on one flight it could potentially affect multiple legs around the world," Nigro said.

The reason the main hub location is in Memphis is mainly geography.  It is very close to the center of the United States.

FedEx says the weather in Memphis is key for landing the 140 jets that come here every night.

"When you look at where you would like to place your airline anywhere around the globe to serve anywhere Memphis is an ideal spot for that," Paul Tronsor said.

And the GOC is the ideal spot to watch it all happen.

FedEx commands 1,700 departures daily, leaving it up to the men and women there to make sure those planes and your packages get to where they're going.

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