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Jarvis Greer

Melee Narrowly Averted at End of Tigers-UAB Game

There are all kinds of pitfals in the path of perfection..

The Top Ranked Memphis Tigers avoided a huge one on the Road to what they hope is a perfect season Saturday night in Birmingham...and it may all all come down to keeping composure on the court...and after the games.

The Tigers fostered a frantic effort to climb out of a 7-point hole at U.A.B. with less than 2-minutes to play...

The Blazers thought they hit the game winner at the Buzzer...but it was clear the shot was late...

Fans had already stormed the court in an emotionally charged situation...

To say the players and coaches are in jeopardy is an understatement..

Pushing, shoving, things being thrown...

It was not a pretty ending to a 79-7 thriller.

  Guard Antonio Anderson recalls: 

"You know, some of the guys were still on the court, talking trash, and as we were going out, they were throwing beer and stuff, they were just throwing stuff at us."

  Adds Robert Dozier:

"Fans were spitting on you, throwing drinks and stuff. I mean, come on, we're all human."

  Says Head Coach John Calipari:

"It was ugly and it almost turned into a melee and I almost got hit by a whiskey bottle. I mean it hit three feet from me it was a glass bottle."

Conference USA is currently investigating the issue.


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