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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Lawmaker pushing bill to ban talk of homosexuality in school

Lillith Jackson has two mommies. And she doesn't understand why some lawmakers think it is bad for teachers to talk about her family.
"I want to learn about different families. I like to learn about different things. Not just one particular thing," Jackson said.

Representative Stacey Campfield is pushing a bill to ban teachers and schools from talking or providing materials about homosexuality in elementary and middle Schools.
He said sexuality is a topic for families, not classrooms.

"We're saying we're going to leave it alone we're going to let the families decide when it's appropriate when to talk about it and how to talk about it," Campfield said.
He said he has had several calls from parents who said this is happening in schools.

In addition, he is concerned that some states and groups are allowing it to take place.
"A lot of places are starting to push these topics on to children and talk about these lifestyles and advocate a position one way or the other on these lifestyles," Campfield said.
But his plan is not finding support in the statehouse. Educators said teachers are not discussing sexual orientation in the classroom.

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