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Reported by Nick Kenney

Mother speaks out about punishment following Southwind fight

Tasha Thompson is one mad mother. Her son Justin was involved in a mid-November fight just off campus at Southwind High School.  Thompson claims her son was a victim, attacked on his walk home from school.

"After he was jumped, he called me at work. He said, 'Mom, I've been jumped,'" Thompson said. "I called up to the school...told them what happened. They told me there was nothing that could be done about it if it was off campus."

Thompson said school officials questioned her son about the fight at the time, but said he was not forthcoming with information about the fight.

"How does Justin know who was hitting him? If you look at the video, how could he tell who was hitting him and going through his pockets?" Thompson asked.

Three months passed, and according to Thompson, nothing happened.  Then, Tuesday afternoon, a day after video of the fight aired on Action News 5, Justin Thompson was one of five students arrested for participating in the fight.

"I was shocked," Thompson said of her son's arrest, repeating claims that school officials initially refused to investigate the fight.

"I talked to the principal Patterson. I talked to the officers. I talked to them all, and nothing was done," she said.

Late Wednesday afternoon, officials with Shelby County Schools said they investigated this incident when it was first reported, but had no proof the fight happened until video emerged months later.

Officials said Thompson's son was charged because the video shows him re-engaging another student when he had a chance to get away.

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