Canadian Pharmacies Online

While Congress haggles over how to lower the price of prescription drugs, many patients have discovered a gold mine north of the border. Government controls keep prices low in Canada, in some cases, up to 90% less. As long as a doctor reviews the prescription, it's not illegal for Americans to buy prescription drugs in Canada.

But if you can't travel, you can now buy prescription drugs online. There are dozens of Canadian pharmacies selling their products on the internet.

Steve Arundel says it's worth buying his medicine online. "The savings that I'm incurring on this one medicine for one year is probably in excess of $2,000."

Many of these online pharmacies are seeing a huge increase in American business. "If you talked to me about eight months ago, we'd probably be about 90% Canadian and about 10% American. Now it's probably reversed."

It is illegal to ship drugs into the U.S. However, the FDA isn't pressing the issue, but they are warning patients to be careful. "You don't know whether the country from which the drug is coming has controls in place to ensure the product is safe." says Peggy Dotzel with the FDA.

There are several sites where you can buy drugs from Canada.