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Reported by Nick Kenney

Ministers, law enforcement join forces to combat school violence

Inside a Broad Avenue church building, a group of ministers and law enforcement officials meet four times a year.

Thursday, they met over barbeque, as both sides traded ideas on school security.

"A proactive measure of continuing to step it up and not just react to the moment now, but how will we be vigilant and watch the trends to keep them from going forward," Keith Norman of First Baptist Church said.

The ministers said they want to stop the violence before it starts.

Police Director Larry Godwin said his officers are on school campuses to do just that.

"When you do directive patrols and you have cameras out there, we're doing all the things that we can do when we see things to put a stop to it before it happens," Godwin said.
But if it does happen, District Attorney Bill Gibbons promises adult consequences.  Alleged Mitchell High School shooter Cornelious Cheers will be tried in adult criminal court.

So will DeAngelo Key, the alleged shooter at Hamilton High.

"Any student 16 years of age or older who intentionally uses a gun on a school campus, we will ask juvenile court to transfer that juvenile to be tried as an adult," Gibbons said.

A deterrent? Maybe. Either way, the law and the faith are on the same side.

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