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Reported Nick Kenney

Police prepare for big crowds downtown

The signs, garbage cans, and fans are ready.

It might be Friday, but Saturday is already in the works.

"Probably around three, four o'clock go down there, have a lot of fun, Pat O'Brien's, have a good time," Fan Nancy Wimmer said.

Afterward, Nancy Wimmer is headed to game. But not everyone will fit in the forum. Overflow will likely spill into nearby watering holes.

"They're going to do quite well tomorrow. I think every establishment that as that game on is going to be quite busy," Kevin Kane of the Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

Business is keeping Memphis Police busy, too.

"We're expecting a large crowd and as always when we do, we have a plan in place where we know there will be additional officers needed," Monique Martin of the Memphis Police Department said.

Some police officers are already in place. Extra officers will be on patrol all weekend. Even the mounted units will trot through downtown.

Skywatch Towers will be deployed on Beale Street.

Officers ask that you plan ahead, too.

"Park in well-lit areas, be very alert of their surroundings, and contact police if there's anything we need to be alerted of," Martin said.

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