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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Widow recalls shooting while continuing long road to recovery

Barbara Wooten is thankful to be alive after her brush with death and her fight for survIval.

She spent more than a month in the hospital.

"I kept saying that night, I gotta live. I gotta live. I got two grandkids that are special to me," Wooten said  

She said Dexter Cox shot her in the stomach. Moments after he shot and killed her husband of 32 years Herbert Wooten right in front her eyes. 

"The glass shattered on the security door and I happened to see my husband fall and I got up and said what the..and boom he shot me," Wooten said.
According to the police report, Cox admitted to shooting 76 year old Herbert Wooten, taking his gun, then shooting Herbert 's wife Barbara.

She recovered but Herbert did not.

She thinks about him all the time, including something prophetic he said, right before that cold October night.

"One of these days we're going to get hit with all the crime and all the shooting. Somebody in the neighborhood was going to get shot one way or the other," Wooten said.    

Doctor's would not allow her to go to her husband's funeral and even now the cemetery is too emotional for her.

"I can't bring myself to do but I go by there but I can't bring myself to do it," Wooten said.    

So Barbara Wooten is moving out of Memphis and taking what's left of her life to Mississippi. To live with her parents and try to put the ugly memories behind her.

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