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Reported by Ben Watson

DeSoto County police dog proves his worth

Tank is part of the DeSoto County Emergency Management's search team. And when it comes to finding bodies, Tank is considered one of the best.

Tank is only 2 years old, but this Labrador retriever can show you a lot about how to look for something.
 "He's been in service actually working for a month and a half," Tim Curtis of the DeSoto County Emergency Management said.

Tank's biggest job so far was working on a recent dismemberment case in DeSoto County.  His handler Tim Curtis said while Tank's search was unsuccessful, the dog's searching saved other teams a lot of valuable time.

"Tank did great there wasn't anything for us to locate in that area but we did go in and save the detectives a lot of footsteps in going through and trying to determine the whereabouts of the missing parts," Curtis said.

Action News 5 put tank to the test by burying a piece of piece of PVC pipe where we though Tank couldn't find it. Inside the PVC pipe was liver wrapped in plastic.

About 30 seconds later Tank dug up the pipe. Curtis said that is how fast this dog has been trained to work.

"And and how good is his nose natural and how good is his nose? The dog nose is several 000 times as sensitive as a human nose," Curtis said.

Tank is one of four dogs on the DeSoto County emergency management's search team. 

Officials said each dog is worth his weight in gold.

Tanks job with the Charlene Gaither murder case is not over. 

Searchers said the next time they Target an area to search, Tank is coming along with them.

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