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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Firefighter Peeping Tom receives second conviction

If you think a Peeping Tom is no big deal, do not tell that to Trumekia Shaw . She was so traumatize by what happened to her 18 months ago, she has had to undergo counseling. She has changed her habits at home. Even her kids have been affected.

Trumekia Shaw thought the Peeping Tom, 46 year old Tarik Robertson, was going to shoot in her southeast Shelby County home when he looked at her taking a bath in August 2006.

"He stood on my air conditioning unit, jumped my fence to even get in my back yard," Shaw said.  
Monday, criminal court convicted the firefighter of observation without consent. It is a Class A misdemeanor. The second time he has been convicted of the crime.

"You would think that they would have more respect and morals about themselves," Shaw said.
Shaw said it took her a long time to go into her bathroom again. Even her son wouldn't sleep in his room by himself.

"Me and my whole family we went through counseling. About two...three, maybe four weeks of counseling," Shaw said. 
Shaw said Robertson needs jail time and counseling for his actions.
"I just really hope that he go gets him some help because he really has a serious problem," Shaw said.  
He has been convicted of twice, but it has not hurt his employment status at the Memphis Fire Department.

But he has had a job change within the Memphis Fire Department. 

According to Lt. Keith Staples, Robertson now has been re-assigned to non enforcement status. He will be sentenced April 1st.

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