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Reported by Ben Watson

Macon High students speak out on school safety

One way to find out if students feel safe at Macon Academy is to ask them.

Students credit Macon's daily use of metal detectors, cameras, and police officers with keeping the campus safe. The principal said you will not find back packs here, shirt tails out, or students acting disrespectful. But she said you will find a very successful program that pairs at risk students at this alternative school with students on high achiever success tracks.
"Because you sprinkle a little positively in their with students who have been expelled and those students who are success students bring out the best in those who are alternative kids," principal Malita Jordan Thomas said.

Sophomore Colton Hollie said he used to be a cut up and got kicked out of several schools before excelling at Macon.

 "Came back and after that last time I got kicked out I was like this is not working and I got to try something different," Hollie said.

Macon officials said programs that allow students to report guns or other disruptive activity has helped the school stop problems before they can start.

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