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Reported by Jason Miles

Bartlett home invasion has neighbors worried

"Oh my goodness," says one neighbor.

"It's unbelievable!" adds another.

They're shocked that a home in their quiet Bartlett subdivision was targeted by a team of armed thieves.

"I think it's terrible!" says yet another neighbor.

The crooks busted through a back door around 3:00 Tuesday morning.  Using zip ties to subdue the family of five, they ransacked the house.  They got away with watches, furs, electronics, credit cards, cash, and even the wife's wedding ring.  In all, the loot adds up to more than $50 thousand.

The thieves flushed the family's phones so they couldn't call police.  They then held a gun to a child's head until the family gave up the goods.

"Oh, that's awful," says a neighbor.

This case is similar to three other recent home invasions.  They happened in Germantown, Shelby Forest, and in Nesbit, Mississippi.

In those three cases, four masked men also broke in during the night and used force to get homeowners to hand over cash and valuables.

"Our detectives have been contacted," says Bartlett Police Lt. Rory Mack.

They are already comparing notes with other agencies to try and determine if, in fact, these crimes are connected.

"We feel pretty confident that this was not a random pick a house at night type of home invasion," says Mack.

Random or not, neighbors remain unnerved.

"Anything where you attack people is terrible," says one of them.

Nobody was hurt during this most recent home invasion.  The man of the house declined an on-camera interview.  He tells Action News 5 he has no idea why his family was targeted.  Anyone with information can call Bartlett Crime-Stoppers at 901-382-MONY

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