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Reported by Ben Watson

String of house fires concern residents in Earle, Arkansas

A group of homes caught fire overnight in the small Arkansas town of Earle, leaving residents suspicious and looking for answers.

Wednesday morning, smoldering flames and smoke could still be seen where the houses formerly stood on Deshay, Central, and Lincoln Streets.  Little was recognizable on each lot.

"It makes me wonder, you know?" resident Bertha Lotefield said. "It concerns me.  It does make me wonder."

Investigators said a smaller, fourth fire broke out at the corner of Draper and Arkansas Streets.  Residents said all four homes were vacant, and in the same neighborhood.

According to Denise McVay, Wednesday morning's fires were the latest in a string of vacant home fires in Earle.

"We have this one that burned last month," she said. "We got one over there from the street over, and one over there, a couple of streets up.  Lots of fires have been happening."

Fire Chief Irby Campbell declined to talk on camera, but said off camera that an investigation is underway that officials hope will shed light on if the fires were intentionally set, and if so, how.

Meanwhile, neighbors just hoped the mystery would be solved soon.

"It puts other homes in jeopardy," McVay said. "I'll say it's been more than four or five within two moths that have been burned."

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