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Reported by Lori Brown

Mid-South bride leery of free vacation offer

She thought she won the honeymoon of her dreams, but a Mid-South Bride soon learned she was going to have to pay, and now she's sending out a bridal registry warning.

Melinda Roberts just wants to be thinking about planning her wedding, but a call from Southern Bridal Registry on her cell phone got her side tracked.

"I got a phone call saying I won two free vacations, one tropical, the other in U.S.," she said.

Roberts didn't know who signed her up for the contest.  While at first she dreamt of two beautiful vacations, she began to get skeptical.

"I Googled it and it popped up," she said.

Roberts read online that the "free" vacations didn't include airfare, and you'd have to pay a $50 deposit to get your voucher.  People on a consumer website complained there were "tons of restrictions" and "Any additional time you wanted was to be paid at an outlandish rate."

"I thought I'd won these vacations, but all I won was a headache," she said.
Action News 5 spoke with Tony Kron with Southern Bridal Registry over the phone, who admitted you have to pay a refundable deposit and the company does not cover airfare.  But, Kron claimed, complaints about the website were not valid.

Kron said the complaints about the site were made up by the company's competitors.

Roberts doesn't buy the argument, and didn't take the vacations.
"If you think it's too good to be true, it probably is," she said.

The Better Business Bureau says the Southern Bridal Registry and Royal Prestige both have satisfactory business records.  In the past three years, the companies only have three complaints, which the BBB says is low.

They recommend when you go to a seminar, don't make a decision there, read the contract carefully, and understand how to cancel.

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