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Reported by Jason Miles

Only on 5: Bartlett home invasion 911 call

Moments after she broke free from a zip tie, the female victim of a Bartlett home invasion ran to a neighbor's house for help.

"This is 911," says the operator on the 911 call obtained by Action News 5.

The neighbor's wife relays information from her husband to police.

"A neighbor rang the doorbell and said there's somebody in her house," the wife tells the operator.

Turns out, four armed men were inside this house for no more than 10 minutes early Tuesday morning.  They terrorized the family of five before getting away with $55 thousand in cash, jewelry, electronics, and other stuff.

At one point, they pointed a gun at a child's head and threatened to kill him until they get what they wanted.

"And she didn't know who it is?" asks the operator.  "No, she didn't know who it is," answers the caller.

In fact, the armed men are all masked.  The same way suspects have been in three other home invasions over the last two months.  Police believe all of the victims were targeted, possibly by the same crooks, who may be working as a team.

"She went back to the house," says the 911 caller later in the tape.  "Why did she go back to the house?" asks the operator.

She realizes the danger and suggests the caller tell her husband not to get involved.

"I would tell him to stay home and not get involved cause they could have him at gunpoint," says the operator.

It's a frightening glimpse into a night residents of a normally quiet Bartlett neighborhood never expected.

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