Prescription Drug Coupons

From Viagra, to allergy medications and from weight-loss drugs to prozac, you can save five, ten, even fifteen dollars on prescription drugs. You can also get a week's worth, a month, even three months of medication for free. How? Through coupons.

This savings tactic is not as simple as clipping a coupon out of the newspaper. Coupons and rebates for prescription drugs are a relatively new approach, and you've got to do some work to find them. Ernest Boyd with the Ohio Pharmacists Association says the pharmacy and your doctor's office are the two key places to find coupons and rebates. Many times you have to ask for the coupons.

You can also find special offers on the internet or in certain magazines like "Better Homes and Gardens," "Prevention," and "Ladies Home Journal."

Many coupons and rebates come with strings attached. You may have to fill our a questionnaire or a survey.