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Reported by Janice Broach

Family feud on Beale over note

There is a family feud brewing on Beale Street after a music note honoring a Memphis socialite was stripped off the sidewalk.

It is a strange story involving the Tigrett family. Beale Street honors musicians with notes. But each year, one person or group who are not musicians but have contributed to Beale Street or the blues are also honored with a note. 

That honor fell to the Tigrett family in a ceremony last week.

One Tigrett did not feel honored.

A barricade blocks the area on Beale Street covered with a board.

A look underneath reveals a blank slab of concrete.

A note honoring the Tigrett family was removed on Tuesday.
"We received a letter at the beginning of the week complaining about from Isaac. About his name being included," John Elkington of Performa Entertainment said.

Isaac Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock Café and House of Blues sent the letter. Tigrett was upset because his stepmother, Pat Kerr Tigrett, had included his name along with the name of her late husband, John Tigrett, and his half brother Kerr.

In the letter Isaac Tigrett singles out his stepmother Pat, writing:

"Her continuous burlesque ride on the coat-tails of other's accomplishments is an embarrassment to the Tigrett name." 

He called her a "shameless self promoter".

Action News 5 tried to talk with Pat Tigrett , who founded the Blues Ball, but were unable to contact her at her downtown penthouse.

John Elkington, Beale Streets landlord, said the plan was to honor John and Pat Tigrett for their contributions to Beale Street and music but Pat wanted to add Isaac and Kerr.

"We've had 76 notes and most people are thrilled to be honored with a note. This is unusual. This is what we call an intramural fight. There's a little family fighting going on here," Elkington said.

Elkington said a note with Pat and John Tigrett's name on it will be put down soon.

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