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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Teen in custody for attacking trooper

Bryant Pack (Courtesy Memphis Police) Bryant Pack (Courtesy Memphis Police)

A Memphis teen has been officially charged in the Tuesday attack of a Tennessee State Trooper.

According to Memphis Police Detective Monique Martin, Bryant Pack, 18, didn't know what he was getting into when he broke into Captain George Dittfurth's pick-up Tuesday morning.

"The suspect was responsible for a car break-in and it just so happened to be the unmarked government vehicle," Martin said.
Dittfurth caught Pack breaking into his vehicle in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Select on Poplar Avenue.  The two got into a scuffle, and when Dittfurth got a handcuff around one of the suspect's wrists, the teen broke Dittfurth's ankle, took his Glock 357, and stole equipment.
"A navigation system, a laptop, and other devices inside the vehicle," Martin said.

Dittfurth was in town helping serve search warrants in the Swift Transportation investigation.  Speculation swirled that the teen was intentionally targeting the Swift files in Dittfurth's truck, but Detective Martin said it was a random crime.

"We recovered key evidence out of the vehicle he left behind, and we were able to develop him as a suspect," She said.

That helped police find the Glock, the stolen equipment, and catch Pack late that night.  Charges against Pack were delayed because Dittfurth was hospitalized for surgery on his ankle.

Doctors released him Wednesday, and he's back home in Nashville.

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