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Reported by Janice Broach

Mitchell-Ford worried about the future of her children

Tamara Mitchell-Ford Tamara Mitchell-Ford

From inside the Shelby County Jail Thursday, Tamara Mitchell-Ford said she found out a judge had ordered her husband to report to jail in the next 60 days when she saw it on the news.

Her reaction?

"Shock," Mitchel-Ford said.  "Hurt...worry.  Extremely worried for the children."

Mitchell-Ford is behind bars on DUI charges.  She said she fears her children will become wards of the state when her ex-husband John Ford reports to prison.

"I fear Children's Services may get involved," she said.

Mitchell-Ford said her ex-husband's girlfriend, who has two children with John Ford, is now living in Mitchell-Ford's house with her and John's four children.

"She's been caring for the children," Mitchell-Ford said. "It's an interesting turn of events that I have to embrace this thing now and understand it. She's really the only hope that I have right now."

It is an ironic development.  Several years ago, Mitchell-Ford rammed her car into the Collierville house that Matthews shared with John Ford - a house Mitchell-Ford always claimed was supposed to be hers.  And now, Matthews is in Mitchell-Ford's house off Humphries Blvd.

Mitchell-Ford isn't expected to get out of jail for at least a year. She's hoping a judge will give her a break, and let her out with an ankle monitor and out-patient treatment, so she can care for her children.

"Give me the chance to prove though therapy that I can do this," she said. "I can lick this problem."

Unfortuately, Mitchell-Ford said, she expects to be indicted in a week on DUI charges out of Collierville and East Memphis. She is hoping for leniency.

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