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Reported by Nick Kenney

Gunshots near a middle school has teens facing potential charges

So much attention has been focused on school campuses. Friday, the gunshots were in a neighborhood near a school campus. And some students were caught in the middle anyway.

Soon after the morning bell at Vance Middle School, police cruisers covered campus. Moments earlier, gunshots down the block sent students scrambling for cover.

While opening his store, Ahmed Alzaindani saw everything. On the corner of St. Paul and Orleans, block from Vance Middle, two teenage boys were holding guns, Alzaindani said, playfully picking on a group of girls.

The boys then fired shots into the air.

"I know the two boys. I know them so I just wait for them. They come to me. I ask them why they play around. They say they're just making fun," Alzaindani said.

Regardless, a 16 year old and an 18 year old are in custody facing potential criminal charges. Though no one is hurt, Memphis police say there are as many as seven victims...

Using the Memphis Police department's website, we crimetracked the area around St. Paul and Orleans. There have been 14 robberies and 17 assaults all within the past 30 days within one mile.

All not far from Vance Middle School.

The numbers represent only what's reported to police.

Alzaindani said far more happens here.

Like the fight our camera caught at the corner of St. Paul and Orleans.

"Actually we hear guns everyday almost. Police sometimes come. Today, I see a lot of cars around," Alzaindani said.

Memphis Police said they plan to step up patrols near Vance Middle School.

Police recovered two guns. One a real hand gun. The other a paint ball gun.

The potential charges in this case range from reckless endangerment to assault.

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