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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Viewers react to Ward's response

After a series of public school shootings, and fights captured on video, Action News 5 decided to hold the town hall meeting "Perspective on School Security: Memphis City Schools"

The town hall meeting got a bit tense at the end when 17 year teacher LeeAnn Fryman criticized interim Superintendent Dan Ward.

"I heard your comment earlier that no student has a pass in Memphis City Schools to continually disrupt class.  That may be the policy in the superintendent's office, but sir I can tell you that is not how it plays out in the buildings," Fryman said.

Ward's response suggested the teacher needed to do something about it.

"I don't want to be curt, I don't want to be flip.  But, I simply want to say that teacher needs to stand up.  There's a principal in that school, there's one in every school. If you as a teacher feel that you don't have control of your classroom and you need help getting that help from the principal or you need to give up the problem," Ward said.
Since that aired, the Action News 5 newsroom has received a number of phone calls and emails.

Most about that exchange in particular.

Brenda said "evidently, Supt. Ward is in another world."

Angela Barrett said teachers should "stop being there for the paycheck be there for the kids."

Rick said "the focus should shift from school to the homes."

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