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Reported by Nick Kenney

Babies born today have special birthday

It's Leap Day. And for babies born today, they will not have their first birthday for four more years.

Her tiny hand might be wrapped around dad's middle finger, but Harper Lillie Belenchia has her parents wrapped around her little finger already.

Six pounds, 14 ounces. 19-and-a-half inches long. She was born February 29th, a birthday Harper's mom Kate labored to avoid.

"She was due a week before so I didn't want to go a week over my due date first of all. And then, I don't know, it just didn't sound very exciting to have a birthday every four years," mother Kate Belenchia said.

Dad Josh was originally skeptical. Now, his mind is changed.

"But it's pretty cool. Not many babies are born, not many people are born one day every four years," Josh Belenchia said.

With the flash bulbs still bursting, the flowers still blooming, and her tiny hospital band still fastened, Harper is making the most of her birthday.

And why not? She won't have another for another four years.

It's a problem mom and dad solved already.

"We're thinking the 28th of February. Keep it the same month. Keep it as simple," Kate Belenchia said.

Because the Belenchias say it does not really matter what day Harper got here, so long as she is here.

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