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Reported by Lori Brown

Residents say gunshots a common occurrence in Lester neighborhood

Tuesday, residents living around 722 Lester explained why they did not call police when they heard gunshots coming from the area of the house.

When Larry Smith heard gun shots this weekend, he had no idea that Monday evening police would discover one of the worst mass killings in Memphis' history inside the home.
"I didn't pay no attention," he daid. "I thought, 'Someone's shooting up in the air.'"

Neighbor after neighbor heard gunshots - some on Saturday some on Sunday - but it's a sound so common in the area that none of them thought it was anything serious enough to call police about.

"I did hear some shots," neighbor Wayne Bolden said. "Saturday night, around 7:30 or so.  But I didn't go out to investigate because we get that around here a lot."

In hindsight, Bolden said, he did notice that after Saturday night he never saw his neighbors across the street again.
"He'd usually leave a light on - a porch light - but I didn't see that Saturday or Sunday."
Willa Mae Boyle said she heard four shots Saturday night.

"They sounded like they came from her backyard. She's on carpenter.  Real loud shots," Boyle said.

Boyle, like her other neighbors didn't think it was anything serious.  Little did she know police would find four adults shot to death, two children stabbed to death, and three children stabbed but still alive, waiting to be found.

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