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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Friends and neighbors remember Cecil Dotson

The man who lived in the home at 722 Lester was Cecil Dotson. He used to work as a maintenance man at a local apartment complex.

A somber Markel Vester spoke about Cecil Dotson, his friend and former neighbor at the Kimball Cabana Apartments.

"I felt like if he had problems he probably would have told me cause we were real tight. We was real tight you know," Vester said.   

Dotson used to work on the grounds as a maintenance worker and painter more than a year ago. Vester kept in touch even when Dotson moved away. In fact, he saw him three weeks ago and never knew his friend to have enemies.

"If he did, it was the time he wasn't around me. It was during the time where he live at," Vester said.

The neighborhood where he lives, Binghampton, has seen its share of challenges.
"I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. We heard gunshots at 8 a.m. We have children going to school catching the school bus. That's nothing unusual in this community," Binghampton resident Donna Baker said.
Not many people know more about Binghampton than Donna Baker. She has been there almost four decades. She's relying on her faith for hope.

"We have to pray and we're coming together and we're doing all we can with each other," Baker said. 

Praying for hope as investigators push on to find the killer behind the Lester Street Massacre

"It's very emotional. It's emotional to anybody," Baker said. "I don't think that person needs to walk the streets ever in life again."

Many people in the neighborhood gathered tonight at the First Baptist Church on Broad Street. Praying for the families involved, praying for peace, and praying to find the killer or killers in the gruesome case.

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