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Reported by Lori Brown

Victim of Jun Lee crash continues to recover at The MED

When an SUV slammed into the Jun Lee Trading Company last Saturday morning, it pinned two shoppers underneath it.

Fifteen year old Patsy Hughes was one of them.

Wednesday, Hughes' parents said her injuries were so bad they thought she was going to die.

"She is much improved thanks to the excellent care The Med provided," Patsy's father Michael Hughes said. "They have saved our daughter from the brink of death."

The SUV injured Hughes' vital organs, including her lungs, liver, and spleen.  She arrived at the hospital unconscious, with internal bleeding and an injured leg.

"'Vital signs tanking' is a word the nurse used," Michael Hughes said. "They were not holding out any hope for us."

"When that nurse came out said, 'She's in critical condition and it doesn't look good,' our hearts sank," added Patsy's mother, Carolyn.

Four days later, things are much different.  Patsy Hughes' parents credit God, the professional care from doctors at The Med, and a fast response from paramedics for saving their daughter's life.

"I want to go and thank them in person for saving my daughter," Michael Hughes said. "I will save my words for them in person."

After the crash, five people were sent to The MED.  Of those five, Patsy and two others are still there - one in stable condition and one in fair condition.
Patsy is still in serious condition.

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