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Reported by Janice Broach

Family reflects on those killed on Lester Street

Four adults and two children died in a massacre in the house on Lester.

Fred Hill may have been the last person to see Cecil Dotson and his friend Hollis Seals.

Hill said the two men left his house around 10:30 or 11:00 Saturday night.

"Me and Hollis sat in my room and talked a while. Me and Hollis Cecil..his brother Jessie. Jessie and they left that's the last time I seen him," Fred Hill said.

The bodies were discovered late Monday afternoon when the mother of one of the children stopped by the house.  She stopped by on Sunday as well but no one answered the door.

Everyone in the house had a record of some kind.  The Associated Press is reporting that Cecil Dotson had known gang affiliations when he joined in an attack on a jail inmate more than 10 years ago.

Dotson's friends say his past is just that...his past.

"They slander his name that's another thing they bring up his past like it had something to do with the way he got killed," Dotson's friend Stanney Lutall said.

The family of another Lester Street victim, Shindri Roberson, just found out she was one of those killed.

"All that day thinking about how gruesome it was and wondering who would do something like that not knowing that one our own was in that house," Robertson's sister Cheryl Green said.

Cheryl Green said her sister did not hang out in that part of town. And her long time boyfriend, Hollis Seals, was like part of their family.

She said they were nice people and she cannot understand who could commit a mass murder like the one on Lester Street.

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