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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Mississippi man claims gun safe is dangerous

The filing cabinet key (left) and the gun safe keys (right). The filing cabinet key (left) and the gun safe keys (right).

Kent Mason recently bought a $35 gun safe at a local Wal-Mart to store his Smith and Wesson pistol. 

It kept the gun out of sight and out of reach from his three children, or so he thought, until his eight-year-old son told him he could open the safe with another key inside the house.

"He walked into the bedroom closet and he stuck it in here and opened up the safe," Mason said.

The key Mason's son used to open the safe was definitely not meant for it.

"That goes to some cheap filing cabinet that we had at one time," Mason said.

(nick) and this is not the key that opens the safe? No, these are the two keys that came with the safe.  (nick) what is the key?  That is the one that goes to some cheap filing cabinet that we had at one time">

At first glance, the key to the safe and the key to the old filing cabinet look alike.  But a closer look reveals the two keys are not the same.

"I was pretty much terrified," Mason said. "You can't help but think of horrible thoughts."

Mason immediately called Wal-Mart Customer Service to let them know how dangerous this safe was. He was surprised at their response.

"The guy told me unless I could tell him the exact brand, then there's nothing I could do," he said.

Mason looked all over the safe for a brand name or an I-D number.  All he found was an "inspector" number.

Thursday, Mason and Action News 5's Nick Paranjape searched the internet and found a safe that was identical to Mason's, from the price to the measurements.  It was the "Stack-On P-B 201 Pistol Box."

A spokesperson for Illinois-based Stack-On Products said the company has had no problem with the safe, which has been on the market for years.

"All of our products comply with accepted industry security standards," the spokesperson said.

Mason believes the safe should be immediately pulled off the shelves.

"You've got something that could potentially kill a child," he said. "It needs to come off the market."

Action News 5 visited the same Wal-Mart where Mason bought his safe.  They didn't have any on the shelf, but an representative said they usually go on sale during hunting season in the fall.

We contacted Wal-Mart to see if they plan on recalling the safe.  A representative said they would check into it, but never called us back.

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