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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Former mayoral candidate and MLGW head recalls growing up on Lester street

Nick Paranjape (left) and Herman Morris Nick Paranjape (left) and Herman Morris

Herman Morris was surrounded by crime scene tape Friday as he talked about growing up on Lester Street.

"We're all in shock," he said. "We're all in shock."

Morris lived right next door to the house where six people, including two children, were found murdered.

Morris still owns the house he once lived in, and said it's hard for him to see what's happened to his street, because his memories of growing up there are only positive.

"My friends and I rode our stick horses up and down the street," he said. "We would play hide and seek in the front yards and across the street."

Morris believes drugs, gangs and prostitution ravaged have this community.  The man who ran for mayor of Memphis last year says the city must be aggressive on crime.

"I'm hopeful, and believe and want to believe the administration is doing that," he said.
Morris claims he is doing his part - through his church which he still attends just down Lester street.  He's helping to raise money to make this community what it once was when he was a kid.

"The community is trying to pull itself up by its boot straps, but it's a challenging climb," he said.

It's a climb Morris firmly believes the community wants to make, because they're tired of crime and they're tired of crying.

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