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Meet the Kenney family... winners of the nursery makeover

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Our Family's Story

When Kimberly and Jeffrey Kenney learned they were having twins they were ecstatic, to say the least. At the age of 37, Kimberly thought learning about a pregnancy after returning from their honeymoon was the last thing she had to think about. But, as she said, "that's what the cards held and we began our preparations for the babies." However, unbeknownst to the newlyweds, a long and unpredictable road was lying ahead.

The beginning of the pregnancy ran smoothly with Kimberly feeling great while continuing work and her normal routine. But after the first trimester, things began to take a different direction. She developed gestational diabetes and then physical activities became more and more difficult from the weight and pressure of carrying twins.

Due to her newly developed condition and the discomforts of pregnancy, she decided that giving up their upper-level apartment was a necessity. Their only option at the time was to move in with Jeffrey's parents. "My in-laws are wonderful and they have been so supportive of us throughout this ordeal, but it's tight quarters," she said. Even though it wasn't the best-case scenario, she and Jeffrey moved in and were very appreciative of their graciousness.
When six months pregnant, Kimberly had a car accident and decided it was time to re-examine her life. So she quit her job to stay close to home until the twins were born. At 37 weeks gestation, Kimberly went in to see her obstetrician and was admitted that day into the hospital for a cesarean section delivery.

The twins, Micah and Jesse, were born September 5, 2007. Jesse weighed in at six pounds six ounces and Micah at 4 pounds 14 ounces. "We were absolutely beside ourselves with joy," Kimberly said. "My husband and I were so happy and finally all of the obstacles seemed to be worth the sacrifice."

But a few hours after delivery, Micah turned blue. A team of specialists immediately took him to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where it was determined he had a heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot, or TOF. TOF is a combination of abnormalities of the heart with four major components: a ventricular septal defect, pulmonary stenosis, right ventricular hypertrophy and an overriding aorta. TOF develops in the womb with heredity sometimes playing a role. In Micah's case, heredity was the reason. At birth, Jeffrey had also been diagnosed with the heart condition.

On September 11, Micah was admitted to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center for heart surgery to correct part of his heart condition. He was six days old and the stress of the situation was beginning to take its toll on the wary parents.

"I was absolutely scared to death," Kimberly said. "Knowing that a surgeon is about to open up your newborn's chest is not something any mother or father wants to be faced with." Dr. Omar Boston, a cardiothoracic surgeon with Le Bonheur's Cardiovascular Institute performed the surgery and Micah was in recovery after what Kimberly describes as a very long procedure. They were admitted into Le Bonheur's Intensive Care Unit where the baby recovered for three weeks with a ventilator.

After his stay in the ICU, Micah was transferred into Le Bonheur's Infant Care Unit and things were starting to look brighter, but the stress of the situation had gotten Kimberly down. "I was having a very hard time. Jeffrey and I were taking turns being at the hospital while also trying to be home with Jesse. It was the hardest thing either one of us have ever done. We wanted to be both places with both of the babies, but it just wasn't possible."

To make matters worse, Micah suffered another blue spell and was taken back to the ICU where he developed more problems. They stayed there through November 30 waiting for Micah to heal from his surgery and get strong enough to go home.

The day finally came for them to leave Le Bonheur, and according to Kimberly, going home didn't immediately make matters easier. "My twins and my husband and I were still sharing a small bedroom with my in-laws. They slept in one crib and I felt so guilty that they didn't have their own nursery."

Today, things are looking up for Kimberly, Jeffrey, Jesse and Micah. They are moving into a new, two-bedroom apartment and recently learned that they were selected by Babytime Furniture to receive a free dream nursery makeover. "I'm absolutely beside myself," she said. "Words cannot describe how appreciative and thankful we are for this blessing. We are God-believing people and my husband and I know that this truly is a blessing given to us from above."
Micah will return to Le Bonheur within three months to have his second and hopefully final heart surgery. "Knowing that we can bring him home to his own nursery is something I prayed for since the day the twins were born. It's every woman's dream to give your children all you can. Now my dream has come true."

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