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Reported by Lori Brown

Officials discuss future care of Lester Street survivors


Three young children survived the unthinkable inside the house at 722 Lester Street.

Police say the children not only lived through being brutally stabbed by their uncle, but also witnessed their dad, his three friends, and their brother and  half-brother being killed.

Now, the children are in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children Services.

DCS spokesperson Rob Johnson couldn't talk about the details of this specific case, but said the safety of their children is top priority.
"We have a lot of veterans who work on these traumatic cases all the time," Johnson said. "The kids are surrounded with a lot of good care right now.  The Department is certainly aware of the needs of these children."

According to standard processes, DCS will work to find a legal guardian the children can be safe with.  DCS will first try to find a relative the child is familiar with.  If DCS is unable to find a suitable guardian, it will then find a foster parent.  A judge will then hear DCS's case, and the arguments of any family members seeking custody.

A judge will ultimately decide who receives custody of the child.

Nancy Williams, Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center, said children can survive trauma, but it's important they receive the right kind of care - physically and emotionally.

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