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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Friends and family remember Shindri Roberson


One week ago, one of the worst killings ever in Memphis happened. One week later, families are mourning the loss of the victims who died violently. Loved ones like Shindri Roberson.

"She was a very ambitious person had so may plans," sister Cheryl Green said.
Green remembered her sister in happier times. Showing pictures she wants the public to see. Not the ones of her deceased sister with bullet wounds.

Those pics were posted by blogger Thaddeus Matthews on his website days after the murder and before the family viewed the body.

"These are supposed to be professional people. These are the people we left my sister in the care of. They should have protected her body," Green said. 
The family is outraged at the posting of the pictures and the access Mathews had at the funeral home. A  place he used to work.

"They already know what Thaddeus does so I'm one of those people that they can tell that lie to somebody else," aunt Verlie Jones said.

Joe Ford did not talk on camera. He said Matthews is a liar and was not given access.

Matthews said he called before he came, was invited in, and carried his camera out in the open.

"I looked at the body. I take the pictures that I need to take. She's covered back up I come back out go back up to the front of the funeral home have a conversation with Joe Ford," Matthews said.
Matthews regrets the hurt he caused the family  

"I apologize for any discontent or anguish that it caused the family," Matthews said.
A family that's hurting, but hoping through faith they will find peace again.

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