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Reported by Lori Brown

Lester Street victim Shandri Roberson laid to rest


Family and friends said their final goodbyes Tuesday to one of the victims of the Lester Street Massacre, as Shindri Roberson was laid to rest.

Roberson's mother and father were too emotional to speak at the memorial service. Family members said they are holding up as well as could be expected.

Hundreds of people came to say goodbye to Roberson.

It was a day no one attending could have thought would come so soon for the 20-year-old.

"When I found out my niece died like that, that's a horrid death for anybody," aunt Belinda Muhammad said.

Family and friends affectionately called Roberson "Moosey".

"I knew her as sweet polite friendly, loyal honest, all those things. She was Moosey. We called her Moosey. She was my girl," cousin Vanessa Jones said.
Roberson was one of four adults and two children killed in a house on Lester Street.

Investigators said Jessie Dotson is the man responsible for killing his brother Cecil Dotson and then five more people as a cover up.

Prosecutors said they may seek the death penalty but family and friends of Roberson are slow to judge.

Cindy Crutcher also said he doesn't want to judge Dotson...but she does have a question for him.

"I'd like to know why? What lead him to want to murder someone as close to him as his nieces nephews and friends," Crutcher said.

It is a question that may never have an answer, and a question that makes saying goodbye to Roberson all the more difficult.

Marissa Williams and Cemario Dotson will be laid to rest Friday.

Cecil Dotson, his son Cecil Dotson the second, and Hollis Seals will be laid to rest Saturday.

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