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Reported by Justin Hanson

Mid-South woman believes she was shot at on interstate

Atoka resident Linda Davis is certainly shaken. She believes someone shot at her near Airways and Interstate 240 early Saturday morning as she was driving home from a business trip.

"As I was getting off the ramp, a car came beside me and slowed. About that time I heard a loud bang in my left ear. My drivers side window shattered. My windshield cracked," Davis said.
After the incident, Davis said she quickly drove home and called Memphis police.

"I called that phone number and it rang incessantly. I called several times Saturday and a few times on Sunday," Davis said.

Davis said an officer told her to bring the truck back to the police precinct. They wouldn't be able to file a report over the phone. 

"I just continued to drive  because it snowed , I was by myself and felt like it was safer for me to go than stay where I was," Davis said.

Davis believes her faith in God is what protected her from what could have been a deadly situation. 

"I was a little scared yeah I was a little shaky but had enough sense, God gave me enough sense to say just keep going, just go home and be safe there," Davis said.

Davis said with the crime rate out of control, police should take more interest in where its happening and make it easier for people to file reports.

"I've been here almost a year and I hear a lot about the crime there and I thought they would want to know where they're having problems,"  Davis said.

Action News 5 contacted Memphis police to see if they had any leads in Davis' case. They said they are still looking into her claim.

As for Davis' car windows, insurance adjustors fixed them Tuesday.

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