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Reported by Lori Brown

Another day, another fire alarm at Wooddale High

A fire alarm was pulled once at Wooddale High School Wednesday, an increasingly common occurrence that has firefighters running ragged.

Parents of students at the school said they are getting fed up with the alarms.

"Thursday it happened again," parent Keith Findley said.  "Friday it happened again.  Then Monday it happened again, and my daughter just told me an hour ago it happened again.

A spokesperson with the Memphis Fire Department said in the past three weeks, crews have responded to 11 false alarms at the schools.  Officials at Wooddale said two of Wednesday's alarms happened while the school was resetting the alarm.

Firefighters are not able to tell if the alarm is also or not until they arrive at the school.  Each time they are called on a false alarm, they said, it ties up manpower and equipment.

According to parents, fights often break out as students exit the school during an alarm.

"I feel it's gang related," parent Vince Henderson said.  "They want to get out here and fight.  Children who aren't in that activity - it's hurting them."

Henderson said the prank fire alarms are a symptom of a larger problem.

"We need to have a board meeting and get the parents involved - the city council involved," he said.  "If not, we're going to lose our youth."

The fights aren't just happening during the alarms.  As our crew was leaving Wooddale on Wednesday, Memphis Police officers were responding to a fight on a Wooddale School Bus.  No one was injured.

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