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Reported by Lori Brown

Grandmother calls shooting of two-year-old a "wake-up call"

Last week, two-year-old Demarion Fuller was shot by accident when his mother's pistol fell out of a her pocket, and a stray bullet grazed his leg.

Sunday, Demarion's grandmother, Carol Fuller, said she hopes what happened to him doesn't happen to any other child.

"He could have died," she said. "This is no game with these weapons."

The bullet came from his own mother's gun - by accident. It happened while 18-year-old Kim Fuller was picking Demarion up after she got off her late night shift at Fed-Ex.

"It was an accident," Carol Fuller said. "She didn't intend to shoot her own child, I know that."
When Kim picked up Demarion, police say a pistol fell from her pocket, hit the ground, and fired the shot that hit Demarion in the leg.

Kim Fuller did not have a permit to carry a gun.

"She said she got it 'hot' off the street because she was tired of people trying to abuse her," Carol Fuller said.
While Fuller understands her daughter's plight, she hopes Kim learned a lesson that could be the difference between life and death.

"She should have a wake-up call," Carol Fuller said.

Every she looks at her grandson, Fuller thinks of what could have happened if the bullet had hit little Demarion's body somewhere else.

"God really brought this baby through, because he could have died," she said. "We could have been at his funeral."

Instead, Demarion is playing like any other healthy two year old, with only a small limp, and a little soreness.

Kim Fuller's mother says her daughter is being charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor.  According to the court system's database, as of Sunday, no charges had been filed.

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